Panorama Software Delivers Necto 12.5

Necto 12.5 Solidifies their #1 Position in Collaborative and Suggestive BI

Toronto, ON (November 05, 2013) – Panorama Software, a leader in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, is excited to announce the latest release of Panorama Necto, the industry’s first BI 3.0 solution that brings the concept of collaboration and recommendation systems into BI.

Building on its current industry leading solution Panorama Necto 12.5 extends the platform’s capabilities through its commitment to Big Data Discovery, Content Collaboration, and Self-Service Workboarding.

Delivering a unique approach to Big Data Discovery, Panorama is focused on the velocity, variety and veracity of Big Data, enabling users to exploit aggregated data sources to connect Big Data to their Organizational Data (through OLAP and data warehouse) and existing Ad-hoc Data, gaining valuable insights across groups and throughout the enterprise. Panorama has solidified partnerships with Splunk, Attivio, Pivotal and Datawatch.

Intelligent Collaboration continues to be a priority for Panorama. Necto 12.5 delivers enhanced capabilities that allow users to collaborate in real time on actual specific data elements (in their historical or current state).

Self Service Workboarding continues to be a core attribute of the latest release of Necto highlighting ease-of-use and better organization for the end-user. Necto 12.5 takes this further by providing:

  • Synchronizing between views from different sources.
  • Link view to model from the analytics Workboard. Models are powered by an industry standard BI engine (powered by xVelocity*).
  • Ability to build an analytical storyboard from actionable charts.

“Panorama continues to deliver the most functional and easy-to-use platform, improving the organizations ability to utilize the most comprehensive BI platform today. We continue to push the envelope by adding Big Data partners and collaboration functionality,” said Eynav Azarya, CEO of Panorama Software. “Necto 12.5 not only embraces Big Data but showcases our ability to provide a powerful, user-friendly relationship between data and content collaboration; delivering intelligent content and insights.”

*xVelocity is a product of Microsoft.

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