Panorama Software founder will be guest speaker at iNNOVEX 2013

The high-tech industry in Israel has experienced substantial growth in recent years, culminating with the openings of many technology, research and educational institutions. As a result, the country will host iNNOVEX 2013, a conference to discuss and promote innovative technologies, on January 29th.

Nearly 1,000 people are expected to attend the event, ranging from engineers and IT professionals to company executives. Among the presenters will be executives from the most innovative global companies (Apple, Google, HP) and the entrepreneurs that just keep inventing (Yoel Gat, Taron Binour, Zohar Levkovitz). In that group will also be Rony Ross, chairman and founder of Panorama Software, a Canadian software firm that was founded in 1993.

Rony Ross is scheduled to speak from 3:30 to 4 p.m., when she will discuss how to use business applications to enable the Social Enterprise. The idea of developing formalized structures for collaboration is a powerful one, as companies need to collect strong insight from a variety of viewpoints more quickly than ever before. The potential of business intelligence lies in its power to turn information into insight, ensuring that choices at the enterprise level are inspired by more than just intuition. Although companies can benefit from using separate business intelligence and social tools, unifying these two elements into one effective package can significantly expedite insight collection at a time when quickly gathering data is more of a priority for enterprises than ever before.

The conference was formed to educate companies about the latest innovative technology, and to discuss the most effective implementation strategies. Some of the priorities of iNNOVEX 2013 include:

– Identifying the top innovative technology and models to follow. With so much new software available, it is important for companies to figure out how to select which solutions are right for them.

– Promoting cooperation among companies and academics, and between industries and the government. The conference aims to address how to transform innovations developed at universities into useful solutions for commercial use.

– Discussing how everything in this day and age is connected through technology. With the rise of the internet, the cloud and mobile devices, electronics are impacting people in their everyday lives. As a result, organizations are trying to figure out ways to use this technology to reach out to their customer bases.

We hope to see you there!

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