Panorama Software Unveils RC1 of NovaView Version 6.0; Now Includes New Client Designed for its Google Apps Solution

New Version Boasts Greater Flexibility, More Flash UI, More Robust Features;New Collaboration Options Also Available

TORONTO, ON – (April 1st, 2009) – Panorama Software, a global leader in Proactive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, today previewed the first fully supported release candidate of NovaView Version 6.0, scheduled for final release this June.

A tightly integrated suite of web-enabled BI applications, NovaView 6.0 offers a new user interface, new deployment wizards, a more robust platform and new applications. NovaView 6.0 maintains the long-standing tradition of being a tightly integrated suite that combines the best of query and analysis, formatted reporting, performance dashboards, KPI scorecards, modeling, advanced visualization and automated report distribution.

The special addition to the 6.0 version is the inclusion of the highly popular Flash Analytical user client application that was first introduced with Google Apps and now made available inside the NovaView suite on-premise. The Flash Analytics product is among the most popular analytical tools available today.

“In NovaView 6.0, we are introducing new products in the suite,” says Eynav Azarya, Panorama Software CEO. “The most exciting ones are the new Relational Data Connector, which lets users analyze and interact with relational data just as if it was modeled and stored in a cube; and, NovaView Flash Analytics which is based on the  analytics application that we released for Google Apps in our SaaS solution and already used by over 100,000 users today. We are proud to make this innovative client available to our NovaView customers on-premise and know this will help them extend the reach of BI inside the organization.”

“NovaView is different from other BI tools by providing different types of users the most suitable and relevant application” says Oudi Antebi, VP Marketing and Strategy, Panorama Software. “We believe that different users need different ways to access and analyze data.  For power users and analysts, NovaView offers the most feature-rich and capable analysis and query solutions available. For Information workers we provide our newly designed flash application and our latest NovaView Spotlight product that brings key metrics right in to Microsoft Outlook.”

NovaView 6.0 also includes new ways to collaborate with partners and suppliers that don’t have access to the data inside the firewall through a new product called NovaView SharedViews.

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