Panorama Software Works With Google on Google’s New Secure Data Connector

Customers Can Now Use Panorama Analytics with the Secure Data Connector to Analyze, Report and Visualize their Enterprise Data for Free

TORONTO, ON (April 8, 2009) – Panorama Software, a global leader in proactive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, announced today the launch of their latest version of their Panorama Analytics solution for Google Apps™. The new release extends the previously available connectivity to Google Docs™, Excel and CSV files to support any type of information residing inside the firewall through integration with Google’s newly released Secure Data Connector product. With the new version, customers can perform Business Intelligence on their enterprise data for free instead of paying hundreds of dollars for specialized applications with similar functionality.

“Google’s Secure Data Connector has helped us build a new version of Panorama Analytics for Google Apps™ that allows businesses to securely analyze, report and visualize any data inside the firewall,” said Oudi Antebi, VP Strategy and Marketing, Panorama Software. “Secure Data Connector’s powerful technology enabled us to offer customers a SaaS BI solution that can access all data that lives in the cloud and data that is uploaded to the cloud such as excel and CSV Files or perform live data analysis on data that resides inside the firewall.”

“The Google Secure Data Connector is designed to help developers create web-based applications that can access and use data residing inside the firewall,” said Rajen Sheth, Google Apps Senior Product Manager. “Panorama’s solution enables customers to perform powerful analysis and reporting on top of data captured in spreadsheets, existing in the cloud, and behind the firewall. This is valuable technology in the BI world.”

Free Tool Panorama Analytics for Google Apps is a free web application that loads within different Google applications such as Google Docs and Google Sites™. Consumers can use the tool to analyze data they capture in any spreadsheet application such as personal expenses, bank statements, academic records, research information and more. Business users at both enterprise and small-to-medium sized companies benefit from the enhanced ability to drill into data to gain valuable business insight quickly from any data source, resulting in better decision-making in the short term and more effective strategic planning and performance in the long term.

Based on NovaView Panorama developed the product with the guidance and support of the Google Docs and Google Visualization API teams. The solution is based on Panorama’s flagship Business Intelligence product suite NovaView, a tightly integrated and complete suite of analysis, reporting, scorecard, dashboard and data visualization applications that empower end users to freely explore their data using scalable and intuitive applications.

NovaView can be deployed on-premise or as an SaaS offering.

Other data source Panorama Analytics for Google Apps™ currently supports the ability to analyze data captured in Google Docs, Excel, CSV files (,  and now enterprise data.

Future Enhancements Panorama is in the process of building integration into other Google applications, with other application APIs such as Google Analytics(TM) and Google AdWords(TM), as well as developing templates for consumer analytics based on the powerful Google(TM) platform.

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