Panorama at SQL Saturdays

We have happily sponsored more than 60 SQL Saturday Events this year and will continue to do so.


What is the SQL Server Community?

The SQL Server Community Worldwide is formed by passionate SQL Server experts from all over the world. The community allows SQL Server Professionals to share, connect and learn from each other. It consists of 250k+ registered users from 120+ countries and it continues to grow. At Panorama we value the ideal of the community and love to be a part of the knowledge sharing by sponsoring SQL Saturday events.

SQL Saturdays

They are free one-day training events for SQL Server Professionals. They have local speakers and provide high quality technical sessions. SQL Saturdays are a great opportunity to get excellent training and do networking with other SQL professionals. They also encourage learning and sharing. New local speakers are encouraged as SQL Saturdays take place all over the world. These events are possible thanks to sponsors, attendees, and off course, PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server). PASS provides the tools and coaching to help us host great SQL training events. We plan, organize and operate the event.

At Panorama Software we love the SQL Community. We are happy to help and to contribute to a community that encourages learning and sharing. It is a privilege for us to be a part of SQL Saturdays and share with you knowledge and insights.

We have sponsored more than 60 SQL Saturdays this year in different parts of the world and expect to sponsor more than 100 by the end of the year. Some SQL Saturdays we’ve sponsored have been in: Manchester, Florida, Denver, Australia, New York and California, to name a few. We’re looking forward to continue to participate in the SQL Community as sponsors of these great events that foster mutual learning.


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