Panorama Tightens Partnership with Microsoft to Bring Enterprise BI Solutions to Market through Office 2010

BI Industry Leader Works to Fulfill Power User Needs for Exploring OLAP and Relational Data Sources

TORONTO, July 14, 2009 Panorama Software, a global leader in proactive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, today announced it is tightening its partnership with software giant Microsoft following the recent release of NovaView 6 and the technical preview announcement of Office 2010. Panorama NovaView, which is 100 percent dependent on the Microsoft platform, integrates with the Microsoft tools and platforms available today to extend BI to more users. Through the soon to be release integration with Office 2010 and ‘Project Gemini’in SQL Server 2008 R2 , Panorama will provide an even more powerful BI solution to the market that uses the best in memory platform and an even better end user experience.

Panorama brings together the best of a dedicated BI suite with the best of Microsoft’s BI platform and productivity software. By integrating the two, Panorama offers customers a powerful Microsoft-based BI solution that can accommodate the needs of the most demanding BI users in the organization.

Panorama and Microsoft have a long history together, starting with the acquisition of Panorama’s OLAP technology by Microsoft in the late 90’s, which became the foundation for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis services. Now, Panorama and Microsoft are taking that partnership to the next level to tie the product closer together.

“The combination of Panorama and Microsoft business intelligence offers our joint customers a powerful, end-to-end BI offering that delivers rapid insight and decision making capabilities in the products and environment that our customers use today,” said Guy Weismantel, Director of Business Intelligence at Microsoft. “Customers utilizing our BI features through SQL Server, SharePoint Enterprise, and Office will find Panorama to be the perfect extension to help them gain rapid insight into their key business issues.”

“We want the Microsoft community – customers and partners alike – to understand the benefits of integrating Panorama as a Microsoft-based BI solution,” remarked Eynav Azarya, Panorama Software CEO. “In response to customer and partner requests, Panorama NovaView is working with the Microsoft BI team to ensure that our joint customers can get even more benefits through the combination of our two product offerings.

Panorama recently launched NovaView Version 6.0, which provides a more integrated approach to bringing more users to BI, aiding relational reporting and easing on-premise and cloud collaboration. NovaView Flash Analytics, the platform’s biggest upgrade, empowers casual workers through simpler data analysis. Flash Analytics was originally introduced for Panorama’s SaaS Google Apps function and is currently used by more than 100,000 customers.

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