Parallels drawn between motorcycling and business intelligence

Riding a motorcycle well and utilizing business intelligence effectively share several of the same requisite qualities and skills, according to a recent Smart Data Collective report.

Contributor Mark Bradbourne, a motorcycle enthusiast and BI user himself, highlighted the fact that both require training, the right tools and vision.

Before stepping onto a motorcycle, you must first learn to ride it, and the same is true of BI. Bradbourne said proper BI use requires certain acquired knowledge, such as basic methodology of data warehousing.

Of course, neither riding nor BI can be done without the right tools. Whereas a motorcyclist needs his helmet, gloves and boots, BI requires the appropriate software, a well-rounded team and the cooperation of the business side of the company.

Finally, there’s vision. Just like riders keep track of different elements within their vision, BI users must take short- and long-term tasks, projects and reports into account.

Business intelligence is a field that is increasingly gaining attention among businesses. A recent BeyeNetwork survey revealed that a combined 60 percent of respondents answered “about half the time” or “most of the time” when asked to what extent senior management relies on BI results for decision making.

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Source: Smart Data Collective

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