Realism, not hype, is a business intelligence building block

Hype is a troublesome concept when it comes to new technology. A few overzealous marketers creating excitement around their new products can create a toxic environment of inflated expectations and suspicion on the part of IT departments. It's important to realize that while no new product can live up to the formidable promises made on its behalf, there is often a great amount of value beneath the surface and real advantages exist for professionals who figure out the truth. Business intelligence has encountered a particularly strong hype cycle recently. It is important for users to accept these systems for what they are and reap the considerable benefits.

Business intelligence finds its role
Industry expert and TechTarget contributor Rick Sherman recently explored some of the concepts behind installing business intelligence plans that work. He explained, for instance, that self-service BI is often misrepresented in the media. He stated that while today's solutions are aimed at employees without formal IT training, something that can have a serious positive effect on productivity, these workers do need backup from their more technologically savvy colleagues. Sherman cited data cleaning and management. as well as general support, as roles that will remain in IT, wherever actual BI use may spread within the organization.

He also noted that there will likely be some divisions between various departments when it comes to the exact uses and role of BI. He explained that leaders need to take any necessary steps to ensure they offer a broad range of BI capabilities, covering the demands and skill sets of the various different user profiles that make up a complete business. As Sherman specified, it's not good practice to spread BI to the entirety of the organization but only take one approach. This will technically make the products more available, but will ignore the fact that they might not be useful to everyone.

The BI selection process
Once leaders within today's companies accept what BI can and cannot offer them, they need to select the best suite possible relative to their own unique situations. Products such as Necto 14 have been designed with modern requirements in mind, combining the power of the big data movement with simple visualizations that work well outside the IT department. Strong enough to give the complex answers organizations need but with a variety of customization factors to keep the whole company in the loop, it can accomplish many of the goals IT departments and CEOs today have. BI viewed realistically still matters.

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