Revolutionary Business Intelligence Solution Introduces Real Data Relevancy Through Automated Insights

Focus on Relevancy in the Consumer Marketplace is Extended for the First Time to Enterprise Applications

Toronto, ON (April 12, 2011) – Panorama Software, a global leader in proactive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, introduces the  concept of true relevancy of data and insights through its innovative patent-pending Necto™ BI solution. A revolutionary new way to connect data, analytic insights, and individuals across a company, Panorama Necto is the world’s first socially-enabled BI platform that provides individually tailored relevant results for every user.

Panorama Necto enables relevancy in BI by using powerful algorithms that identify noteworthy data points specific to individual user tastes. In the analytics  environment, this relevancy generation is automated, providing significant efficiency gains for users who do not have the time or expertise to manually perform deep data analytics.

Greater relevancy promotes a better understanding of business goals and improved collaboration between peer groups. A company’s collection of corporate intelligence can grow exponentially with Necto as workers embrace a socially driven way of managing relevant data.

Extracting the right context from user analytics is accomplished by Panorama’s unique Automated Intelligence Driving Engine (AIDEN). Relevant data produced by AIDEN is a result of the system looking carefully at the inputs and data exploration patterns of various users and producing algorithmically-chosen insights. In one click, Necto can pinpoint issues from volumes of data and then automatically identify the causes of these issues, eliminating the need for users to understand BI modeling and technology and allowing them to focus on the business goals.

The relevancy capabilities of Necto are seamlessly integrated with the social component. Necto’s interface offers a social bar through which  users can  search for relevant business friends based on either personal preference or relevancy criteria. Necto builds a “social graph” for users where they can see preferences and data based upon other user’s visits and other related behavior. An “interest graph” is also created, that is based on the user’s interests and feedback that indicate areas for greater review or potential problem spots. Necto produces instant results at the intersection of these two graphs, offering incomparable insights.

“The focus on the relevancy of information is a transformative force in the consumer marketplace,” said Kobi Averbuch, VP of Research & Development at Panorama Software. “Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are all pushing for extreme relevancy in the recommendations and content that are presented to consumers. Necto marks the first time true relevancy is offered to BI in the enterprise. By automatically delivering relevant insights to the users, Necto eliminates the need of business users to understand the “how” and focus on the “why”.”

Current Panorama NovaView BI solution users can easily migrate to the Panorama Necto platform to utilize its relevant business insights.

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