Schools promising BI skills for professionals

The rush to acquire more and better business intelligence results can have a hugely positive impact on a company or be very disappointing. While the promise of information that doesn't conform to the biases and faults of intuition sounds like a great result, there are barriers preventing all organizations from reaching that goal. The first is a potential lack of the right IT for the job, whether that means hardware or software. This is the era of big data analytics and the process of turning information into insight has never been more demanding. The second need, just as important, is someone to steer the ship – the right personnel.

Training up
Lacking the right personnel for the job, organizations may wonder just where their next IT hires will come from. Business intelligence skills are vital but rare, putting departments into a bind. Fortunately, schools seem prepared to fill the gap, tailoring their course offerings to the needs of organizations. A recent announcement from the University of Iowa stands as a testament to this trend, promising the skills that professionals want, precisely because they know that these will play well with companies' demands. This could help organizations turn their fortunes around without testing the tempestuous job market.

The source explained that the course is designed to give employees a grounding in the benefits of business intelligence and, rather than pitching it to those trying to break into the IT field, the school mentioned companies in the Iowa area, meaning they should send their current staff members and turn these pros into BI experts. The program is at the graduate level and consists of five courses, with some overlap with MBA programs. Organizations may soon be able to find offers like this all over the world, as educators discover the value in teaching the next generation of BI leaders.

The right tech
Of course, once organizations teach their staff to work with BI, they'll have to make sure their technology is up to snuff. It would be pointless to teach a group of highly motivated employees the secrets of BI only to hand them an antiquated process that cannot work with many information sources or generate meaningful visualizations. Therein lies the importance of selecting a powerful product such as Necto. Getting ahead of competitors through superior insights calls for adept personnel and powerful technology. Today's schools and tech providers can, between them, give organizations access to those factors.

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