Self-service BI: Insights for everyone

When technology develops, it does not have to become more complex. In fact, it's possible to define progress the exact opposite way. As systems and services grow simpler and fall into the hands of a wide spectrum of users, their effects can really be felt. When new developments are controlled by a cadre of experienced or expert users, there is less chance of direct positive effects at the ground level of organizations. This all changes when such processes are dispersed among the masses. In business intelligence terms, this movement is unfolding right now, with true self-service BI becoming a goal around industries.

The rudiments of self service contributor Jason Tee recently explained some of the factors that go into creating a self-service BI plan. These strategies differ from traditional BI deployments because they are meant for general consumption and sport a through-line between wanting data analyzed and performing the action oneself. Tee stated that the leaders concocting today's self-service outlines must be ready to deal with some users who will be best served by reports that fit a pattern or template, as well as users who know the ropes and other professionals who have mastered BI and need deep tools. Unless a product caters to all three groups, there will be some blind spots in the organization's operations.

There are certain features employees should have access to if they want to ensure their BI programs deliver optimal results. Tee stated that comprehensibility is on this list for self-service deployments in particular. He explained that The Data Warehousing Institute conducted research on the topic and uncovered the importance of visual elements. This is in contrast with the exclusive BI products of years past. When data is presented in a visualization or dashboard, it becomes quickly legible and therefore enables the employees to act right away and without consulting others for time-consuming help.

The right software
Leaders today need to think about self-service features specifically if they want to introduce analytics processes to their teams. This is where Necto can prove its worth, allowing each professional to see the results that he or she is interested in, all in a visual format that is tailored to the position in question. Instead of passing off BI duty to a small team or working with solutions that are not optimized for the whole organization, it is possible to secure an option that is directly relevant to the roles and responsibilities within today's corporations and grants timely insights.

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