Self-service BI now a common convenience

Rather than an optional addition business intelligence's capabilities, it's becoming increasingly clear that self-service features are an evolution in the technology. There are incontrovertible advantages to taking BI analysis out of the exclusive hands of highly trained experts and introducing those functions to a huge range of employees. Individuals who don't have to run their reports through other departments can conduct analyses more quickly and stay on track with their objectives. There's no need to sell business owners on the benefits of efficient and well-informed employees, meaning self-service is simply an advanced and effective way to carry out BI, provided there is proper technology in place.

The choice among businesses
According to a new report from analyst firm BARC, more than half of BI users are now using self-service features. This means that this is now the default, rather than an esoteric option. Leaders have heard about the software's potential and are acting on it instead of stepping back or passing. Researchers pointed out that self-service has shown its appeal in ways that other BI improvements have not, indicating that firms are either finding it easier to use this method, more important to deploy the approach or both. The empowerment of workers at all levels goes on unabated.

What does it mean to truly gain access to self-service BI? BARC's Carsten Bange pointed out that professionals are being given control over their own dashboards. This means that instead of generic views that might need parsing by experts or display stats that don't matter to individuals, each worker is getting a lineup of the insights that matter most in that department, at that moment. The ability to use data as a competitive advantage has always been appealing. Making that easier to do is an obvious good idea that users are taking where and when they can, pushing forward the state of the art.

The right technology
While it's becoming more common for businesses to have access to self-service features, this isn't automatic. They need to select solutions that carry these capabilities. This is where Necto 14 comes in. This suite contains the dashboard customization features users need to embrace true self-service. Beyond that, the software is also able to parse large and scattered information reserves that might be inaccessible otherwise. In the era of big data, this is a highly sought characteristic that goes along with the other top capabilities leaders are seeking. The future of BI will involve a new generation of software attuned to advanced business needs.

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