Self-service BI proving its worth

There is a need to increase the number of software users within companies today. Increasingly, advantages are being conveyed by the programs organizations choose to use, and the better their access to these solutions, the more effective these businesses will be. This doesn't means spending a fortune on IT training, however. Instead, it is possible to bring the software to the users and enable self-service functionality. Business intelligence is one of the areas primed to become a hotbed of expanded use, largely because just about any employee, regardless of department, can think of a way he or she could improve daily operations through an infusion of data.

The musts of self-service computing
Supply & Demand Chain Executive contributor Gary Meyers recently outlined the process of making sure programs are accessible to many members of the team rather than just a highly trained inner circle. He stated that when properly implemented, these strategies allow end users to work without being interrupted by IT, which is both a functional relief and a time-saver. He noted that for programs to truly be considered self-service BI, they should enable employees to dig into their data, getting beyond superficial analysis and tracking results across departments, truly letting professionals tackle complex questions their own way.

Visual tools may be the key to extracting helpful information from the torrent that goes into a BI system. This means customized representations of the current situation according to the software, in a form that the target user can not only understand but grasp quickly and apply immediately. Meyers stated plainly that processes should enable the immediate creation of customized visual toolkits by line of business professionals. Preparations are solely accomplished by those individuals, no more calling in an expert for the setup phase. Take out that step of requesting collaboration and the entire process becomes more streamlined, offering the ability to provide answers promptly.

Future solutions today
When it comes to outfitting a workforce, business leaders can ill afford to wait. That means if they want self-service BI, they should approach it today, rather than in the future. Products available now, such as Necto 14, can convey the custom functionality needed to give every employee a view that suits his or her daily requirements. This means everyone from the CEO down to the frontline marketing force will be able to answer their most pressing questions immediately. Such functionality was not a feature of older BI, but is now in demand. The future involves improved self-service reporting.

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