Self-service BI won’t eliminate need for data experts

Business intelligence is expanding so rapidly that companies may feel an increasing pressure to hire more IT experts who can work with these tools. Thankfully, BI vendors like Panorama are making strides to bring the power of data analysis to people who may not be trained in working with raw data. Panorama's latest software, Necto 14, is a BI solution that puts the power in the hands of any worker, thanks to its intuitive self-service BI, dashboard and reporting features. This won't completely rule out the need for IT experts, but it will reduce a company's dependence on the IT department to harness business analytics.

Self-service BI brings data analysis to everyone
In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, businesses need to have access to real-time data analytics to stay competitive. Giving all employees access to information in a clean, easy-to-use format can help them make decisions and changes regarding various strategies and operations much faster. Necto 14 assists users in choosing the right data to examine for their inquiries and makes it easy to organize the information with data visualisation tools into infographics.

Analytics tools are useful in a variety of settings, especially marketing. According to, key performance indicators provide valuable insight into digital marketing, making it easier for the department to determine what may or may not be working and adapt policies to improve the return on investment.

"All of these metrics can give you a good overall view of the scheme of things," Peach Natividad, digital strategy director of global marketing firm McCann Worldgroup, told

Data experts still have shoes to fill
While self-service BI makes it easier for virtually any employee to put data to work for nearly any project, data experts will still be integral for businesses. Dan Sommer, an analyst from Gartner, explained it as, "you don't give a Ferrari to someone who just got their driver's license," according to TechTarget. While self-service BI makes data analysis more accessible to all members of a company, only IT experts will be able to work with raw data. The source also pointed out that when there are underlying issues with the information itself, people using self-service tools may not be able to spot or repair an issue, which is where IT experts will shine.

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