Self-service business intelligence empowers the whole team

The process of adding business intelligence used to be relatively straightforward, with the technology mainly affecting a few IT-trained users who fielded knowledge requests from everybody else. This method worked, but it's clear where its limitations come in – once employees realize how great it is to make decisions with data, they will want to make more requests, and the sheer mass of inquiries could cause backups. This is a huge blow to speed, responsiveness and timeliness. Without those elements, plans could fail to meet high expectations. Now, however, BI has gone self-service. Savvy and well-equipped companies are reaping the benefits of this recent development already.

Advancements and advantages
A recent Memeburn piece by Leon Wright explored the immediate effects of replacing intuition with BI for companies' important decisions. Specifically, he opined that analytics can become a powerful tool for employees outside of the traditional IT department. With solid insights based on a shared pool of information, teams from many parts of the company can unite and work toward shared goals. Wright gave the example of CFOs and COOs planning strategies that will suit the organization at large, empowered by information coming from BI rather than speculation by important executives. Such a high-level process could change a company's whole outlook and overall performance.

The power of self-service BI resides in its ability to display complex algorithms through simple and accessible media. Wright explained that visualizations are a part of today's projects, with employees able to manipulate information and draw their own conclusions through these tools instead of either undergoing long training sessions to use more forbidding processes or handing in a request, as the legacy model dictated. There are decisions being made every day at all levels of companies, meaning that the further analytics processes spread, the better each segment of the firm will become. These pieces can in turn prop up the whole.

Ideal software for the task
With the value of self-service BI becoming so evident, it's important for tech buyers to ensure they have the right tools for the job. Empowering a company is easier said than done, and many organizations may discover too late that the solution they have selected does not actually serve their workers' needs particularly well. This is where products such as Necto 14 distinguish themselves from the overall market. Necto's design combines the complex ability to work with vast numbers and types of data sources with simple, adaptable interfaces that conform to various business roles' needs.

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