Smartphone activation broke records on Christmas

More people activated smartphones and tablets on Christmas 2012 than on any other day in history, a new report from Flurry Analytics shows. Additional research from Dresner Advisory Services finds that business intelligence (BI) solutions are expanding for such devices as native and web-based apps on OS-enabled phones and tablets advance.

Compared to an average of 4 million activations for each of the first 20 days in December, consumers unwrapped 17.4 million such devices on the 25th, a 332 percent increase. Christmas 2011 featured just 6.8 million activations. According to InformationWeek, electronic discovery applications for smartphones and tablets will become stronger this year, following the widespread proliferation of embedded analytics technologies and other big data solutions.

Dresner's BI survey included more than 250 respondents consisting of IT professionals, non-IT executives and sales and marketing employees. On average, each participant claimed that his or her employer had offered up to three OS deployments by the end of 2012.

App development gets messy
Now that consumers can use phones, tablets and computers for virtually the same purposes, Dresner says that business analytics software will likely become more cross-platform, offering new versatility for executives, mobile workers and healthcare providers. Mobile applications are also spiking in number, with independent developers using public clouds for seemingly unrestricted software formation.

According to Forrester Research, prior BI solutions relied too heavily on singular methodologies to accomplish complex tasks, but this year will see widespread improvements in data discovery and advanced analytics solutions that take advantage of data visualization and a new landscape of free-form application development.

Businesses are also likely to take on multiple BI tools in 2013, finding that software solutions are beginning to make short work of what was once a more tedious discovery strategy. Information workers have already started requesting more sustainable business intelligence practices that offer automation services and help make better use of large amounts of data that are currently going to waste.

Primarily, businesses are finding that they don't have enough workers to comb through the warehouses of digital information they have in storage, meaning that many companies are wasting money keeping date they won't put to use any time soon. However, automation and other BI solutions will continue to improve the capabilities of workers dealing in big data, helping them to make better use of marketing and social enterprise information in 2013.

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