Some BI products are too narrow

Working with business intelligence has become less of a question and more of a requirement in recent years. After all, if an organization still relying on intuition tries to square off with data-driven competitors, it may quickly realize that instinct can't match the insights that come from deep dives into strong data. As more firms learn this lesson, the demand for software and expertise will grow in a hurry. Therefore it's probably a good practice for today's companies to jump aboard the BI trend as soon as they have their strategies set, rather than waiting for their rivals to take the lead and become analytics experts.

The fragmentation dilemma
There are a few complicating factors when it comes to choosing an ideal BI software suite. For instance, TechTarget recently reported that some developers are making their products very narrow in functionality. The source indicated this may have eliminated the ability of some companies to crown a leader of the BI field and just go with that. Instead, it will be time to match their needs to the particular features offered by a vendor. This scenario has been made possible by the fact that there are many different categories of BI functionality. From mobile BI to visualization factors, products can offer a huge range of advantages for users.

The source explained that corporations' desire to rule a single niche has left them vulnerable in others, and some leaders find themselves picking a deployment based on what it is best at, knowing there is something else out there that can perform another action better. Of course, all of these issues are far preferable to what could have happened: BI itself could be a niche product, with little choice and no excellence. This isn't the case, though, and it's time for leaders to look for companies that can synthesize many of their needs and rise above one-trick-pony status.

Many helpful features
While TechTarget's report paints a bleak picture for BI service choice, the fact of the matter is there are many valuable options on the market today. For instance, Necto 14 delivers important gains in several areas, potentially making it a good selection for enterprises looking for features such as mobility and self-service functionality. Making reports readable by a large cross-section of the business and customizing the view to their needs, this product is ideally suited to firms that want to expand powerful visualizations beyond the high-level IT officials who have years of specialized training.

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