Teamwork and collaboration set to become BI hallmarks

The need for business intelligence solutions that go beyond the basics is pressing today, because simply using some form of this software is no longer a differentiator. Numerous companies have at least one type of analytics running, so mastering a vertical means building bigger and better business cases for BI. The plethora of advanced tech options available now can help break this impasse. Some organizations will gravitate toward advanced features that further their goals and achieve success this way, whether they're delving into their own data or collecting strong information from elsewhere and turning that into fuel for their latest analyses.

The value of collaboration
Organizations that collaborate with one another are well-positioned to succeed. This applies to the use of business intelligence, too, as different departments each have something to contribute. A recent Technology Spectator piece contributed by Alan Eldridge explained that collaborative thinking is on the march in the BI world. Tellingly, he cited research by Dresner which indicated that six in every 10 relevant professionals place collaboration and teamwork into the "critical" or "important" category when it comes to advanced BI features. Eldridge explained that the active information sharing that accompanies this type of program helps insights arrive more efficiently.

The nature of the BI solutions in question could determine whether a program succeeds or fails. Eldridge explained that products should be easy to grasp because there is a need for many different workers to take up collaborative BI. If these systems stay within the IT department, the difference from traditional systems may be negligible, neutralizing any advantage that might have been gained through their use. Eldridge related that once firms jump through these procedural hoops, they will be able to connect around the world, turning geographically dispersed units into effective teams through their new and improved versions of well-worn BI and analytics.

Making the jump
Selecting a new tech deployment could be a hugely important moment for IT leaders as they set up their BI plans for the future. Necto 14, for instance, contains features that help users connect to one another without leaving the program's interface. It may be possible in a broad sense to introduce collaboration to an organization through standard communication tools such as text chat or video conferencing. However, having the features integrated with the BI software itself is another level of decision-making power. The Necto interface helps users bring their teams into the moment when insights are delivered and collect the resulting opinions.

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