The face of business intelligence is changing

Part of the reason business intelligence is an eternally relevant business practice lies in its ability to evolve. As each generation of organizations confronts its unique corporate challenges, the goals of determining the best course of action and improving decision-making remain eternally relevant. New algorithms capable of working with diverse types of content keep BI in place as a go-to. Asking these programs for an answer to a business question is relevant in 2014, just as as it was in 2013 and will be in 2015 and beyond. Other trends such as mobility, the cloud and big data feed BI instead of rendering it obsolete.

State of the art
The Next Web recently explained that BI is becoming entrenched and, as such, data scientists are in high demand today. These professionals understand the new ways in which content can become fuel for improved operations. The source indicated developing new products is a data-driven operation today. This means new items that enter the market are optimized before they ever debut, with their features tested against market conditions through analytics.

The news provider reported elements such as marketing content and the tactile experience of using digital products can be switched out depending on BI results and altered to appeal to consumers in ways that would have to be guessed at before. Even now, experimentation is necessary, but it is driven by solid insights rather than guesses.

The information companies are experimenting with is not abstract or two-dimensional. The Next Web reported that today, individuals generate a trail of information throughout their daily lives. Getting closer to consumers than ever before is one possibility facing data-centric companies. These organizations are uniquely well-suited to serve their public because they have completely supplanted the old forms of intelligence-gathering, such as occasional surveys. Why resort to a sample of the public when the whole customer base is now readable?

The right tech
Professionals who know how to put BI into action are valuable and strategies that acknowledge the importance of analytics are promising, but for these elements to have an effect, firms must have the right solutions in place. These are products such as Necto 14 that embrace modern data use concepts, welcoming the use of large information sets and opening that content up through mobile interfaces. With optimal software in place, the need for a large corps of data scientists diminishes, as now all workers can analyze information to benefit their own departments. This is accomplished through the use of custom databases. With these, relevant facts appear in a resonant format.

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