The New Features of Power BI Empower the Users of Panorama Necto

On behalf of Panorama & our 2000 joint customers, I want to congratulate our friends at Microsoft for their newest release!

One of the great benefits of working in technology is seeing how ideas turn into products that drive tremendous strategic value to real businesses. As the product manager of Panorama I had the privilege to see how a BI product – Necto – redefines the way users derive value from the wealth of information hidden in their ever growing data bases.

Necto is a sophisticated smart discovery BI & Analytics tool that provides a killer user experience with unique Infographic visualizations that make dashboards approachable and easy to read. Necto delivers the “next generation” of data discovery experience. Necto incorporates strong collaboration capabilities that allow employees from all divisions to collaborate on insights, share the same version of the truth and also learn from each other’s Workboards.

That is why we are so excited about Microsoft Power BI platform and about the new capabilities they are now introducing.

Many people likely view Power BI as the cloud application used to chart excels and other cloud data sources. However Power BI is backed by a platform that manages all this data in the cloud – and this is where the big story lies. Smart data discovery (or smart BI) vendors, like Panorama, can build innovative new solutions and services based on this platform and really revolutionize the industry. And as a close partner of Microsoft we are excited about this opportunity – and so are our customers.

The new Power BI platform that is to be released this week will allow us to add extra values to Necto users such as:

• Great integration with the Office suite especially when used in the cloud (office 365)
• Cloud storage management tools
• Row level security
• Tight connectivity between on premise data and cloud insight generation

This will allow us to enhance Necto users with advanced visual capabilities (including infographics and charts), tailored KPIs, suggestive discovery, collaborative insight finding and self-service discovery work – in the cloud, utilizing the latest technologies.

Panorama’s ability to quickly provide new capabilities and innovations benefits greatly from our long standing and close partnership with Microsoft and the new technologies they introduce in their platforms. This allows us to use their technologies to the maximum, and deliver great new capabilities with each new Necto release.

Tomer Paz
Product Manager
Panorama Software

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