Top benefits of Business Intelligence dashboards

Collecting and analyzing data can provide insight into your company, but the raw data can be difficult for any professional but business intelligence experts to interpret and manipulate. BI solutions such as Panorama's Necto 14 allow anyone in a company, not just the experts, to access the information generated by data analysis through a convenient dashboard display. Dashboards can give everyone in the company access to relevant business performance metrics, helping them tailor their behavior and efforts for stronger results. This one-stop display of key metrics offers a few different benefits for users – data visualisation, performance management and self-service BI.

Data visualisation
Necto 14 displays data in an easy-to-understand format that can be customized depending on what information you want to see. Infographics, charts and graphs make marketing, sales and other analytics more straightforward, so employees from any department will be able to see the end result of data analysis. By filtering out all the steps it takes to get from raw data to the dashboard display, BI software makes it easier and faster for end users to understand the information and how it relates to their department and operations.

With Necto 14, the visualisations are not just static images, either. Users can tweak the inputs to generate charts and graphs based on different variables, allowing them to get a clear picture of the effects of making alterations to aspects of the business.

Performance management
The Graziadio Business Review reported that the globalization of business makes it all the more important for companies to take advantage of any competitive edge they can. This involves collecting and analyzing data in real time for the most up-to-date information possible. This provides access to the latest changes in a company, allowing businesses to analyze newly implemented policies, procedures and strategies as they roll out. If the performance is not up to par, companies can make small changes to improve the results based on the latest feedback.

Self-service BI
As business intelligence becomes an increasingly useful and necessary tool for businesses, it is essential that the data can be accessed and understood by a broad range of users. Necto 14 makes that easy with its self-service tools. They can access the dashboard, manipulate and analyze data, and bring in other members of a team to work together on certain data analysis projects. The key to the success of Panorama's self-service BI is the fact that users don't need IT experts by their side to work with the data presented in the dashboard.

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