Trends affecting mobile BI adoption and use emerge

Mobile has joined SaaS business intelligence and social business intelligence as the future of analytics technology. Given the rise of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, decision-makers now want access to the same insightful data reports they regularly use on their desktop machines.

A recent Dashboard Insight report dug deeper into the popularity surrounding mobile business intelligence and revealed several trends within the sector that are driving greater adoption and use of the technology.

“Over the past several years solution providers have placed a lot of effort into developing interactive mobile applications that can be used by decision makers on the road,” Leslie Wise, the president and founder of consulting firm WiseAnalytics, wrote for Dashboard Insight. “Although it has been a slow road to broad adoption, mobile BI is finally starting to make inroads into the general business intelligence marketplace.”

The first is the overall expansion of the market. More vendors than ever are offering mobile BI solutions for the data hungry decision-maker on the go. After allowing for access to stagnant PDF reports and the availability of interactive dashboards, mobile BI solutions are finally catching up to offer similar usability as their desktop counterparts, according to the report. These mobile apps are also, for the first time, meeting diverse business intelligence needs.

Next is the means by which vendors are delivering their mobile BI solutions. As with the self-service business intelligence push for desktop models, mobile apps are also becoming easier to use, which fosters greater utilization by less tech-savvy executives and employees. Today, mobile solutions closely mirror what is offered by desktop solutions to promote and further the comfort level end-users have fostered with the apps.

The growth of tablets has also fostered increased mobile BI use, according to the report. While still portable, tablets offer greater computing power and a larger screen than smartphones, making devices such as the iPad more usable for mobile executives and employees. Apple’s iPad is far and away the most popular tablet at this point, but others are rising up to challenge the device.

According to a recent Datamation report, BI strategies for tablets are now a necessity within an overall business intelligence solution. Never before have end-users had such a need for access to BI reports and analytics insight while outside of the office, the report stated.

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