What makes effective business intelligence?

Business intelligence can help companies align their marketing, sales and other strategies to better benefit the operation and growth of the business. As technology advances, the options for business intelligence have grown and changed and will continue to adapt to the needs of businesses. To reap the benefits of this technology, business leaders should stay current on the latest trends and developments, such as Panorama's latest software, Necto 14, and mobile business intelligence options.

​Visual data
Data visualisation was a major player in 2013 and will likely be a key BI solution going forward. Creative Bloq pointed out that as companies amass more information, it becomes more difficult to create unique visual data presentations, especially those that are meant to be public-facing. New methods of displaying and organizing data into visual formats may be necessary to expand and enhance this sector of data analysis. Necto 14 takes a unique approach by turning data into easily readable infographics that are both visually appealing and interactive. These allow users to explore the information and track their business visually, which can create a clearer picture of overall operations of the company and its departments.

Self-service BI
BI is only helpful if it provides valuable insights. If you're looking at static graphs and charts that cannot be adjusted, the usefulness of the information will be limited. Self-service BI allows users who may not be experts in data analysis to manipulate the variables using live data. Most platforms provide spreadsheets and charts that display data, according to Entrepreneur.com. These can be time-consuming to digest and understand, which is why it will prove useful to have an easier way to see and manipulate the information. Necto 14's infographic displays provide those benefits, and make it easy to see different variations based on which data they include.

Mobile BI
InformationWeek reported that businesses want to be able to sort through data easily, adding filters and sorting information in an interactive way – especially on a mobile platform. Mobile solutions still have a long way to go in terms of meeting the demands of businesses. According to the source, security options will prove important moving forward, as will having the ability to use mobile BI even when not connected a wireless or cell network.

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