What makes for good mobile BI software?

It seems like virtually every aspect of technology is becoming available for mobile use, and business intelligence is no different. Mobile BI has been available for a while now, and as it becomes further integrated into businesses across many industries the technology is changing to accommodate more data, higher usage and a broader spectrum of users.

How is mobile BI being used?
Technology Evaluation recently conducted a survey of 250 professionals from small, medium and large businesses to determine how professionals were using the software. The most popular function of mobile BI was the dashboard, giving users quick and easy access to key performance indicators based on real-time information. While 33 percent of respondents pointed to dashboarding, another 24 percent highlighted data analysis and discovery as being the most useful.

How successful is mobile BI?
As with any newer technology, there are still a few kinks to be worked out with mobile BI. Only 32 percent of survey respondents said they were "very satisfied" while the majority (42 percent) were just "somewhat satisfied." Areas that kept satisfaction levels low included limited and inflexible services and poor integration with company IT infrastructure. However, Technology Evaluation indicated that since less than 10 percent were not very or at all satisfied, it "shows that mobile BI has an important transformational role within many organizations."

How can mobile BI be improved?
There is always room for change to be made to make mobile BI more user-friendly and helpful. Information Week reported that mobile apps may shift from the widely used native coding to HTML5, which has the potential to offer better graphics, touch-screen functionality and performance. It has the added benefit of being easier to develop and implement than native options.

The source also highlighted the importance of better security for mobile devices. With the bring-your-own-device movement rapidly growing in popularity, it is essential for employees to securely access data through mobile BI without having to worry about hackers and malware.

Panorama's mobile app, Necto, offers a secure mobile BI platform that gives users access to dashboards, data visualisation, KPIs and more. The mobile app is designed to reflect what users would see if accessing Necto from a desktop, and it appears the same whether a user is on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, making it easier and more intuitive to use. It also relies on a complex and secure algorithm to protect information. Panorama manages security for mobile and desktop access all on one server, making it easy to access the data from any platform.

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