When thinking advanced BI, don’t lose sight of performance

The business intelligence revolution is on in earnest, with processes becoming extremely common in many different departments and industries. These tools promise great things: better planning, quick reactions to events, perhaps even a glimpse of the predicted future. If users are careful and conscientious in their deployment approach, BI has the potential to deliver on these grandiose claims. However, these individuals shouldn't take anything for granted. There are few things that will derail an analytics project as quickly as a mistaken or misplaced assumption. This is the most compelling reason to delve deeply into BI and internalize the many best practices.

Adding advanced features the right way
Business 2 Community contributor Tracy Watson recently pointed out that some of the most exciting promises of modern BI can serve as distractions and lead programs astray if users don't focus on extracting value. She singled out the cloud, as this is a hugely promising piece of technology and one that works well with BI. She stated that a move to the cloud doesn't matter at all if the analytics process itself is flawed. This should be self-evident, but the lure of new options can draw in unwary IT buyers. Some vendors will sell weak products, no matter the class of technology, and being cautious and objective-based can help users dodge these.

The way to real BI success is generally found by targeting a real problem the company is facing at that moment rather than working in vague terms or based on trends. Watson explained that a real requirement today is working with any and all data a company may have picked up over the years, crossing between different silos to unlock a better view of performance and processes. Organizations that fail to link up their information may not find the real crux of their problems. This is true both in the cloud and out.

Finding the right features
Selecting business analytics software in the current oversaturated era is not easy. There are many solutions out there, and some are far from optimal. Companies will have to look for feature sets that conform to their needs. Necto 14 draws its particular power from a versatile roster of usability features. With the ability to provide self-service access to business department staff who are not heavily trained in IT, the solution is suited to firms that can't necessarily afford the time and money that go into a dedicated BI ticket system. Numerous types of organizations will likely find it helpful.

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