Who gives better advice: Your Mom or your BI solution?

I don’t want to suggest that a piece of software, as ‘smart’ as it might be, can replace a mother. (Regardless, I hope my mother is not reading this.) But, clearly, there is business advice that your BI solution should be providing that would likely baffle most of our mothers – even if your mother happens to be a CEO. Even when you have all the numbers and charts right in front of your eyes, the answers that you need are not always so obvious.

Slice and dice is fine if you’re in the kitchen. But it’s no longer enough to play with the numbers in the hope of finding the answers you want. There is too much at stake. And static charts on your BI desktop, although better than raw data, do not always reveal insights that help you make forward-looking business decisions. You can always turn to IT or business analysts for interpretation. But wouldn’t it be better to get the insights you need to solve problems in real time?

Some BI solutions go beyond pretty charts. They can dig into huge and diverse pools of dynamic data and actually recommend where insights can be found. Automated, or suggestive analytics is one of the important components of BI 3.0. A BI solution with suggestive analytics navigates the data and guides you to irregularities and anomalies, offer possible reasons and root cause for displayed results and even point you to people and groups who are dealing with similar issues that might help you get to the answers you need. This kind of analysis can take hours of days without suggesting analytics – open the ticket with IT (fibbing up the priority level and mentioning the CEO’s name in the ticket title), set a meeting to discuss needs… you know the process.

Okay, to be honest, Panorama Necto is the only BI solution that offers suggestive analytics. (If you’re reading this a few years after it was posted, I hope the rest of the market has caught up.) But this should be one of the standard tools in BI. The whole point of BI is to simplify decision making. So why not simplify it? Yikes. That sounds like my mother.

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