Worldwide leaders mixing big data and business intelligence

When working on use cases for modern big data analytics tools, leaders may realize that decision-making is the likeliest avenue. The question then becomes "Isn't this a lot like business intelligence?" The answer is yes, and integrating big data resources with the structures already in place to handle BI may help organizations excel. This has become a trend across verticals and around the world, as companies of all types have data reserves that would be less than useful without analytics but can inspire excellent business decisions with the new processes in place. What's next for these companies? If leaders are successful in creating the next-generation IT solution, sound new directions could emerge.

Survey demonstrates data's reach
Investigating the progress of other organizations around the world is likely to find similar results: Big data is catching on. According to The Times of India, Skillsoft polled organizational leaders in India and found a majority are most interested in big data for its potential to become a BI enabler. The source indicated that use of such processes is not yet universal, but there is an accord on the technology's chances of improving corporate practices. Leaders in the Asia-Pacific reason have seen bright future in the field as equivalent executives in other regions.

"No longer can decision makers and business professionals ignore the potential that big data and cloud solutions can impact their business outcomes, their team dynamics and even their own career advancement," said Skillsoft Asia Consulting Services Manager Aruna Telang, according to the news provider.

Among Indian executives, 65 percent put BI first on their list of big data benefits, the Times of India reported. These leaders are doubtless hoping to extract the types of insights their competitors can't reach with legacy solutions, unlocking the value of sources that may have been passed over in years past.

Becoming a BI leader
While having the right attitude toward BI and big data is a great first step in assuming a leadership mantle, the whole plan will fall apart unless organizations have the right technology for the job. This is why solutions such as Necto are different from the competition. This product has been updated to deal with the latest permutations of the BI field, including the incorporation of big data sets. Not only can the software crunch important information into insights, it can also customize each user's view of the end product, meaning vital nuances won't be lost on the various employees who make up the environment.

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