Advanced Analytics


Addressing the BI’s number one business challenge: accessibility to the everyday business user, Panorama Necto delivers the most intuitive analytics user interface and user experience available in the market today, allowing business users across the enterprise to accomplish themselves what was once the task of the experts: navigate through large amounts of data and generate important business insights.

  • Business data and metrics are presented in highly visual, business language terms using dynamic infographics.
  • Business users can perform data analysis leveraging Panorama Necto one-click insights and bubble up exceptions capabilities to quickly identify both positive and negative trends and view the underlying causes, offering critical actionable business insight.
  • Build and customize infographics and workboards to monitor business performance
  • Quickly discover the causes behind a business event or action with contextual data discovery to improve business performance
  • Proactively identify business trends and challenges with suggestive data insights
  • Quickly build ad hoc teams to address issues with collaborative BI capabilities

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