Contextual Smart Data Discovery


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In the consumer world, information is in a new stage, past the old model of search and into contextual Smart data discovery. Companies that provide true relevance for consumers are moving beyond personalization to a new way of thinking. For the first time, this hyper-personalized relevancy is now available to the enterprise. Panorama Necto is a business intelligence solution that combines the power of collaborative BI with automated relevant insights within a robust business environment.


Contextual Smart data discovery and relevant automated insight capabilities eliminates the need for users understand BI modeling and technology and allows them to focus on business analysis and furthering their business goals for true self service BI.


Necto’s unique recommendation engine tracks, analyzes and creates links between data, user profiles, user interests and other user behaviors. Based on these patterns, Necto suggests relevant information automatically to users, helping them to:

  • Connect to relevant data: suggests insightful Workboards and models for exploration.
  • Explore relevant insights: highlights positive and negative trends automatically and provides possible explanations.
  • Collaborate with the right people: recommends people relevant to a specific issue or a workboard.

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