In-memory BI


Data Discovery Powered by In-Memory Analytics

Information workers today need information anytime and anywhere. They get frustrated with the time lag between when they make requests for reports and when IT fulfills those requests, so they demand more control over BI. Data discovery tools, such as Panorama Necto, powered by in-memory engines and self-service interactive analytics, enable business users to easily access, analyze and share data. Panorama Necto enables users gain quick, efficient and relevant insights for informed decision making and requires minimal IT involvement.

In-Memory BI done RIGHT

As more and more companies are getting interested in Data Discovery tools for speed and flexibility in data exploration, the challenge becomes – how to combine it with the corporate BI platform that is already in place?

Corporate BI platform is still the core of the enterprise information and it is vital to leverage all the data sources at hand in the analysis.

Panorama Necto brings the best of the Data Discovery and Corporate BI through collaboration and unique contextual connection, giving users the ability for data mashup and flexible analysis – in a secure and managed by IT environment.

  • Data mashup in one view
  • Self-service modeling for all user profiles
  • Suggestive and automated insights for easy analytics
  • Advanced analytics for analysts
  • Single web-based UI

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