Central Bank of Bosnia & Herzegovina using Necto Internally and Externally!

CBBH Case Study

“While other companies were telling us take it or leave it from the shelf, Panorama offered us the flexibility we needed”. That is how Almir Salihovic, Head of Governor’s Office and project manager for implementation of Panorama Necto in the CBBH, comments Panorama’s operation on CBBH.

CBBH is the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a government insistution with 350 employees. It provides data to a wide variety of external entities such as banks, insurance companies, journalists, analysts, financial, research, academic and governmental institutions. The data covers critical statistics, economic indicators, monetary and foreign trade materials.

What CBBH wanted to pursue and none of the other companies, except for Panorama, was able to achieve was the construction of a new system for online dissemination of statistics, able to serve the most expert statisticians, but easy enough to be used by occasional users. The organization wanted to improve the way it processed data for its internal and external users. Panorama created a setup rich in functionality yet easy to use without any training and it had to be capable to read across variety of data sources. It made a robust, stable, secure system which meets, still now, the most demanding criteria of up time, maintainability and usability.

Panorama Necto gave birth to the most user friendly public statistics delivery system of any Central Bank in Europe. The vendor was chosen after a tough evaluation process because it combined both user friendliness and functionality under a web-based, intuitive user interface, that was the same for both internal and external users, ideal for the bank’s requirements. Also, the company was profoundly aware of CBBH customization needs and timing issues.

Necto-based solution singled CBBH out as an organization that provides excellent service to both individuals and organizations, both to external users, such as investment analysts, finance executives, statisticians, researchers, and internal ones. The system exposes data to users in ways that were not feasible before, provides useful analytical tools to a variety of users and usage scenarios and enables users to display the results using a wide set of state of the art visualizations.

Among the advantages of the new system, the customers quoted:

  • User Independence– Users are able to explore data without depending on IT / BI resources
  • Greater Efficiency– Faster, more effective implementation of BI tasks (from demand to delivery)
  • Higher user satisfaction– Users can spend more time on useful analytics and less time on data retrieval and modelling
  • Increased penetration– a higher number of external users are exposed to information that is relevant to their work
  • More power for power Users – who are able to generate more deliverables using a wider variety of features and  functions, such as production of graphs and charts, as well as analytics of the data without having to have installed expensive software packages at their laptops/desktops
  • Improved proficiency of BI users

“We had a very good cooperation with the development team and I am extremely satisfied, – says Almir Salihovic, Head of Governor’s Office and project manager for implementation of Panorama Necto in the CBBH – one-click insights is a fantastic insight tool that is instantly giving data trends to today’s users of macro-economic data”.

The system has been working since January 2014. The solution development process was led by Poslovna Inteligencija,  an independent consultancy company specialized in analytical systems design and implementation. Amel Pasic, CEO of Poslovna Inteligencija, states: “Thanks to the rich functionality of Necto and the user friendliness of the system we were able to conclude the implementation project on time and on budget. We are proud to have been party to the development of such an successful project.”


No need to take or leave needs from the shelf, Panorama Necto can satisfy them all.


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