The Roots & Future of Business Intelligence in the soul of Panorama’s Management Team

Note: They are “just” the creators of the OLAP Technology & MDX. The Management of the New Generation of BI & Data Discovery Solutions as stated by Gartner
Eynav Azarya - CEO

As Chief Executive Officer for Panorama Software, Eynav is responsible for the strategic vision and direction of the organization. Prior to being appointed Chief Executive Officer, Eynav was VP of International Sales and Partnerships, overseeing revenue generation and international partner relationships while driving customer success. Before joining Panorama in 2001, Eynav was Chief Operating Officer for BrowseUp Inc., creator of a collaborative Web publishing tool that supports knowledge management processes, where he led worldwide company operations including R&D, finance, sales and marketing. Prior to BrowseUp, Eynav served as campaign manager for the Israeli Labor Party and also served as the CEO of the International Center for Peace in the Middle East. Eynav holds a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering and Industrial Engineering from Afeka-Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering.

Rony Ross - Founder & Executive Chairman

Rony Ross is the Founder & Executive Chairman of Panorama Software Ltd. Rony previously held the position of Chief Executive Officer since its inception in 1993 and has been the driving force behind Panorama’s success to date. As Executive Chairman, Rony plays a significant role in expanding Panorama’s global presence, leveraging her over 25 years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the business intelligence industry. Rony has a strong background in both software development and marketing, and holds a successful track record of managing research and development centers for a number of multi-national software companies before starting Panorama Software in 1993. By 1996, Panorama had become the leading developer and marketer of software products for OLAP and BI in the Israeli market, gaining over 75% market share in just over two years. In October 1996, the company’s OLAP software technology was acquired by Microsoft Corporation and formed the basis for Microsoft’s database technology known as OLAP Services and renamed Analysis Services 2000. Rony holds an MBA in Marketing from Tel Aviv University Business School, a Masters of Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Tel Aviv University.

Raphael Sankar - VP Sales

Seasoned high-tech industry executive with more than 20 years of global experience in all aspects of technology business – general management, worldwide sales, business development, marketing and product management.

Balanced large and small company experience, ranging from big, publicly traded corporations to VC-backed, innovative start-ups. Successfully managed a division with $75M in annual revenues and ~200 employees worldwide. Proven track record of growing technology companies from early stage and zero revenues to multi-million dollar business. Vast global experience: recruited teams, established offices and developed multi-million dollar businesses in the US, Europe and Asia.

Extensive experience in Enterprise Software, Data Analytics, Semiconductors, Telecom and IT.

Kobi Averbuch - CTO

Joining Panorama in 1996, Kobi brings to the organization ten years of industry experience in software development and product design. Kobi has lead Panorama’s research and development since the acquisition of Panorama’s OLAP server technology by Microsoft. He has successfully executed and managed development of Panorama NovaView 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 leading to his successive growth within the organization. Kobi holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Economics from Bar Ilan University, Israel.

Yoel Zohar - R&D Director of Software Engineering

As the R&D Director of Software Engineering, Yoel oversees all aspects of Development, Testing and Deployment of Panorama Software’s product.
Yoel previously held the position of R&D Group Manager, Applications Team Leader and Software Engineer in one of the Global Israeli network company.
Yoel working directly with strategic clients (in Israel and abroad), which includes the characterization of customers’ requirements and support until the successful on-site implementation. Yoel managing the interfaces with all relevant parties in the organization and beyond (including outsourced resources)
Yoel has been an inspirational leader and an uncompromising technical manager

Michal Zahavi - Chief Financial Officer

As the CFO, Michal runs the finance department in Canada, US and Israel and is in charge of all the financial side of the operations, including budgeting, planning, reporting, collection, cost controls and negotiations. She works closely with the company’s Auditors and tax advisors to close the audited books and to file the tax reports with the various authorities worldwide. Prior to joining Panorama Michal was the Controller for Radcom, a NASDAQ company (RDCM). Prior to that she worked for KPMG Israel. Michal is a Certified Public Accountant and got her Business Administration degree from the College of management Academic Studies, Rishon LeZion, where she appeared on the Dean’s Honor List for every year during her studies.

Daniel Chen - VP of Customer Success

As the Vice President, Customer & Corporate Success, Daniel oversees all aspects of building, revitalizing and optimizing Panorama Software’s product support. In addition, Daniel is responsible for the service pack development and quality assurance while leveraging customer insights to drive customer success. Daniel previously held the position of Director, Customer Success, and has been an inspirational leader who truly believes in the customer being at the centre of every organization.

Jacques Botbol - Head of Marketing

Joining Panorama in 2014, Jacques lead the transformation of the Go to market of Panorama, to a very innovative and scalable strategy that has empowered the company's leading position in the BI Market.

The strategy is based in innovation accross all the marketing channels, that have disrupted the way marketing is done in the BI industry.