Industries and Customers

Industries and Customers

Panorama streamlines business operations and builds company intelligence by combining business analytics with social knowledge and automated relevant insights through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise BI solution for thousands of customers. We help global organizations maximize business impact with the next generation of complete business performance management and BI solutions.

Panorama Software offers BI solutions to customers in many industries.

Manufacturing and Retail

Necto 16 allows you to get automated insights on any anomaly in data like a decrease in sales. Then drill down to find out why it happened and who is involved. Create a discussion with the relevant people to solve the problem and appoint an automatic notification to follow any changes in the situation.

Read Uses for Manufacturing and Retail Datasheet to learn more.


With the help of Necto 16, both hospitals and pharmaceuticals can make insight-driven decisions that derive in better margins, satisfied patients and accurate resource allocation.

Read Uses for Healthcare and Pharma Datasheet to learn more.


Using Necto 16, financial departments have a better and faster reaction to revenue, collection, cash through actionable business insights. Marketing and Sales teams track insights from leads, opportunities, conversions to deals and digital presence processes.

Read Uses for Telco Datasheet to learn more.

Finance and Insurance

Complex datasets can be analyzed with Necto 16 and turned into actionable insights that help improve service, point to new opportunities, and reduce costs. With an accurate analysis and automated insights, get a clear picture to mitigate risk.

Read Uses for Finance and Insurance Datasheet to learn more.


Use Necto 16 to analyze nationwide data in seconds. Gain automated insights to allocate resources efficiently and create adequate programs for the benefit of the community.

Read Uses for Government Datasheet to learn more.

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