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Many companies in the last couple of years have been working with Panorama Software in order to understand how to leverage the value of a data analysis tool.At the beginning of every evaluation, they did not understand the need or the benefit of such a tool they found it ridiculous to pay for, when already using less expensive tools such as Excel. They knew however that something was missing.

Most of the time, the decision maker was not an analyst or a BI developer so it was hard for him to understand the importance of such a tedious process to aggregate all of the data needed to set it right with tons of lookups and manual functions.

The data analysis tool is much more than a list of features.

The data analysis tool brings a better ROI, for the following reasons:

Automated Data validation and ETL

Data is organized and managed in a Data Mart or DWH, and the result is that all of the company is working on the same data set.

Immediate response and performance

Better visualizations & easy analysis

Data is online and you can easily show a couple of data sources in one dashboard

Better collaboration

Better self-service BI

Better governed solution

Minimizing the human errors

The right data analysis tool is the solution to improve companies’ performances. 

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