Governed BI

Get the finest, top-rated governed BI solutions
from Panorama now – you’ll do your business a favour!

    Business intelligence tools have gained immense popularity with the passage of time, and this ‘popularity’ came about as a result of the need for tools that would allow decision makers and analysts to quickly explore raw data to acquire better decision making powers. The fact of the matter is that a competing demand has been triggered amidst business users and IT organizations, where business users have found themselves having to take independent action. They now use various BI solutions, which upon being run independently, not only increase complexity within departments and teams, but costs too. Worst of all, there happen to be individual mounds of reports and data that simply cannot be bridged together to gain useful insight.

    In order to deal with issues such as these, Panorama is proud to offers a one-of-a-kind governed BI solution that will help business users acquire intuitive, personalized and highly interactive analytics. What’s most important is that our team of professionals has made sure that all this is delivered by means of an easily understandable, and intensely visual infographic format.

Attain hidden insights, and track performance
through Panorama’s governed BI solutions

    The governed BI solutions that we offer at Panorama make it possible for business users to easily – and visually – uncover hidden insight, learn about vital business data, and keep an eye on their performance with the help of interactive infographics which are known to reflect all business changes in a dynamic manner.

    What’s most alluring about the business intelligence solutions that we offer is that they are governed and unified. This implies that all business users are given the ability to acquire data from several different data sources, and amalgamate them into a single source. This particular source can then be used to visualize, analyze, track performance and acquire hidden insights using a single browser window. Seriously speaking, if you wish to make the most out of the raw data available at hand, and want to use it to gain competitive advantage, and drive immense growth and development to your business, then the governed BI solutions that we offer at Panorama are just what you need!