Governed Business Intelligence

Help your business reach new heights with Panorama’s governed business intelligence solutions

Businesses across the world have started using business intelligence tools in the last couple of years. This decision of using these tools has stemmed from a need to acquire tools that make it possible for businesses to go through raw data quickly so that better, more knowledgeable decisions can be made. The basic fact remains that business users and IT organizations are competing hard these days and business users are required to take steps, on an independent basis. For this reason, they find themselves having to use several business analytics solutions, but considering that these need to be run independently, there are multiple complications and increased costs to deal with. The worst part is that these initiate several clusters of data that users find impossible to bridge and gain useful insight.

In order to help business users deal with such issues, the team of professionals t Panorama has developed a one-of-a-kind governed business intelligence solution that is meant to help professionals attain highly interactive, and personalized analytics- analytics that will help them drive their business to extensive growth.  The best part is that our governed BI solution delivers visual, and easy to understand infographics!

Drive growth to your business with our governed BI solutions

Businesses these days are highly dependent upon making the most out of the data that they have at hand. For this reason, the governed business analytics solution that we have developed at Panorama works wonders at helping them visually uncover hidden insight, acquire intensive business data and keep an eye on their performance using infographics that reflect any and all changes that take place in a business.

The best part about our solution is that it is unified and highly governed. For those who don’t know, this means that it provides users with the ability to attain data by means of varying data sources, and converge it all into a single data source. Later, they may use this particular source to analyze, visualize, learn about hidden insights, and track performance to be able to judge their own capacity.

On the whole, if you are interested in driving more and more growth and development to your business, then the governed business analytics solution that we offer at Panorama is just what you need!


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