Government Business Intelligence

Government Business Intelligence

Necto 16 is the most secure, centralized and state of the art government business intelligence. It uncovers the hidden insights in your data and presents them in beautiful dashboards powered with KPI alerts and centrally managed. Necto allows unique recommendation, personalization, and insight finding technologies that enable users to discover what they need to know and use collaboration capabilities to quickly address the issues found.

Government institutions are implementing BI solutions to make insight-driven decisions for the benefit of the community. BI solutions like Necto can help governments analyze nationwide data in seconds. This data has an enormous potential to generate actionable insights.

The correct implementation of a BI project is a big challenge, especially for governments, because of the nature of the data they handle. They generate, collect, and analyze sensitive data. Business Intelligence for government needs to allow one version of the truth and data accuracy, plus data privacy. This is only possible though a centralized solution like Necto.

Information is updated for everyone in one same web solution, with IT overseeing who has permission to access and who does not. In a centralized environment, users can share insights and resources between departments, while IT governs over the data to make sure it is protected and that the institution complies with the regulations. The different users can benefit from the data, but IT will decide who gets to see what and what is public and what is confidential. Using this model ensures data privacy and one version of the truth.

Centralized business intelligence software for government can provide automated insights to allocate resources efficiently and create adequate programs. Institutions can use geo-location capabilities to connect data to location and manage public services in each region. They can pinpoint issues specific to each region and share data effectively according to data permissions. BI enables governments to predict trends of needs and measure program success. With the help of Necto 16, government institutions can make data-driven decisions that will benefit their communities.

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