Founded in 1993, Panorama Software is an organisation which creates, develops and delivers innovative Business Intelligence software. Enabling high-efficacy business data solutions for firms in many industries sectors and spheres, Panorama Software has delivered highly effective business outcomes for thousands of customers, and tens of thousands of end users. Whether through insightful analytics, dashboards or data models, our Business Intelligence vision is one for the future. Over the last 20 years Panoramas Software has grown to serve more than 2,000 customers worldwide, in varied industries such as financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, telecommunications and media.

Panorama is offering an incredible opportunity for a student that displays initiative, creativity and a drive to expand their knowledge with the world of data and analytics. We are offering to help you cultivate your skills and innovative spirit through an amazing scholarship opportunity. Giving you the chance to develop the insights and intelligence that mirror our organisational culture at Panorama

Scholarships are awarded to students who are currently enrolled in a Diploma, Bachelor, or Master’s degree programs at academic institution in worldwide. Substantial portion of the Panorama Software scholarships will be awarded to female students, underrepresented minority students or students with disabilities. The application deadline is September 5, 2016.

Value and Duration

Panorama Software is offering a scholarship valued at $1,000 USD. Panorama Software scholarship is offered once for an academic year. This financial remuneration is to be used towards your university, training, education or tuition fees.


In order to be deemed eligible for the Panorama Software scholarship, applicants for the award must fit the following prerequisites:

1. Applicants must demonstrate they have been accepted to, or have commenced studying a Diploma, Bachelor, or Master’s degree.
2. Each applicant must demonstrate strong interest in the development within their chosen field. From expansion of current competencies, skills and knowledge base.
3. Be able to demonstrate an interest in computer science. Because the scholarship is merit-based, you must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average out of a possible 4.0, or a 4.0 cumulative grade point average out of a possible 5.0.

Please note: Chosen recipients will be asked to provide a copy of their official transcript.

Selection Process

The scholarship of the Panorama will be awarded to the eventual student who is best able to fulfilling the following standard criteria:

1. Ability to demonstrate motivation, and drive to learn & excel in your chosen field.
2. Are deeply committed to succeeding in your studies.
3. Are deeply passionate about innovative business, new markets and products.
4. You have delivered an answer to the short answer essay question below to the best of your ability.


Panorama Software will make payments to your bank account. A winner of the scholarship will be asked to provide the applicable information.

Apply Now

1. Applicants must apply via email to EMAIL, with the subject as “Your Name – Panorama High Achievers Scholarship Application.”
2. Each applicant must attach a single document containing:
a. A brief cover letter outlining your background, studies, relevant experience and skillset.
b. Your response to the essay question below.
c. Your most recent academic grade scores transcript.

Short Essay Question:

In 500 words or less, describe how receiving the Panorama scholarship would benefit you. Use clear concise language in your response. Creative, insightful & interesting responses will be well received

Email to apply: