Company: Cedacri


Cedacri is a leading IT provider for financial institutions in Italy. With a turnover of €134.9 million in 2002, 552 employees and a clientele of 66 banks, Cedacri is a market leader in IT services. In 2002, the Cedacri IT infrastructure served 2,500 bank branches, 24,000 bank staff and over 16 million customers. The value of the transactions handled by Cedacri in 2002 reached €105 billion.


Cedacri needed to provide bank analysts with a powerful yet simple way to analyze the profitability of financial products, branches and customers. In 1999, Cedacri’s clients asked for deeper analyses based on information held by the banks about their clients. The banks’ analysts needed powerful analysis tools to examine various issues, like the profitability of financial products, specific bank branches and their customers. Cedacri wanted to enable bank analysts to carry out in-depth analysis in an easy-to-use environment, to build comprehensive reports and to distribute business critical information to various management levels. An additional request from the analysts was the ability to produce forecast scenarios and budgets for the next fiscal year via the use of easily ready parameters.


The combination of Panorama’s BI Solution with Microsoft’s software architecture and associated products provided the platform to analyze profitability according to different dimensions and provided the right foundation to build sophisticated financial models, based on terabytes of data. A financial reporting and budgeting system was built so bank analysts could analyze profitability according to Products, Accounts, Organization, Time, Customers and many other attributes.

Panorama’s BI Solution enabled them to analyze history as it happened. With the budgeting cube, different financial institutions could prepare a budget for next year, by applying mathematical operators to the Actual time series, and forecast the financial results of the bank under different interest rate scenarios, taking into account the term structure of interest rates (in Riskmetrics nodes).

Cedacri was not the end user of the solution however their clients, various financial institutions signed up for the service. Cedacri provided the financial institutions with Panorama’s BI Solution in a terminal-server environment to analyze the data.

Building and making cubes available created a new business for Cedacri increasing their service offering and bottom line.

Results / Benefits:
  • Enterprise wide access to information leveraged from transactions valued at over $105 billion
  • Expansion of service offering
  • Increase revenues
  • Tailor analytics to specific financial functions
  • Self serve access to financial data

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