Company: Cox Ohio Publishing


Cox Ohio Publishing is a group of nine newspapers, including The Dayton Daily News.

Challenge: Declining Circulation

The Dayton Daily News had a circulation of 200,000 and was experiencing declines for the past decade. Declining circulation required new data, CRM technology and innovative marketing initiatives to reverse the losses.


An integrated decision support and CRM application built on SQL Server, OLAP Services and Panorama’s BI Solution OLAP query and analysis tool. The newspaper contracted with Barry Group, a media technology consulting company, to design a business intelligence and CRM application, called IQube for Intelligent Customer Management. The scalability of this Microsoft-based solution is evident as Cox integrated seven recently acquired newspapers into the base system. Making innovative use of SQL Server 7, OLAP Services, and OLAP technology from Panorama Software, the newspaper was able to reverse the decline in circulation and saved considerable marketing costs within 12 months after the system went live.

The CRM system captures the business rules and resulting row sets from the Panorama’s BI Solution drill-through as batches and then permits sales managers to assign start dates, campaign codes, and the frequency of the campaign to each batch. The results are stored in the SQL Server database. The OLAP dimensions and measures were designed so that very sophisticated rules could be established to create new direct marketing campaign based on customer status, last time contacted, demographics, payment type, offer, geographic location, newspaper publication and more than 30 other variables. By selecting and slicing dimensions in Panorama’s BI Solution, a sales manager can easily establish the business rules governing any specific acquisition, retention, customer care or add-on selling campaign. Very sophisticated CRM business rules are created using Microsoft’s OLAP query and analysis programming language MDX (for multidimensional expressions). Campaigns can be conducted via telemarketing, direct mail or e-mail.

  • Leverage existing infrastructure with SQL Server 7, OLAP Services
  • Improved circulation
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Rapid reaction to trends

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