Company: Erie Times-News


With a circulation of over 70,000, the Erie Times-News is based in Erie, PA and is owned by Times Publishing Company.

In the last 3 months of 2005, the Erie (PA) Times-News generated more than $500,000 in incremental advertising sales

  • “Do not call lists” negatively impacting circulation
  • Lack of visibility into sales performance – inability to properly analyze single copy sales, subscription “no pays”, customer retention and other information
  • Productivity suffering from managers spending too much time looking for information
  • Budget and track sales results for advertisers and compare to budget on daily, weekly and/or monthly basis
  • Track financial performance of circulation and advertising highlighting budget variances
  • View customer retention by sales channel, subscription offer and other characteristics
  • Quickly analyze customer information like new subscriptions, customer defections, complaints, renewals, etc.
  • Improved ability to highlight the value of the newspapers readers to advertisers
  • Expecting an additional $1 million in advertising revenue during 2006
  • Non-pay subscriptions declined and single copy sales increased  Advertising and circulation managers make better and more profitable decisions

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