Company: Geocartography Knowledge Group

Geocartography changes the rules of the game in the world of organizational business intelligence, thanks to the development of an innovative BI solution on Panorama platforms

Company Overview

Geocartography Knowledge Group, one of the leading research institutions in Israel, has been offering scientific and professional expertise in the following range of divisions and departments for over three decades: Financial Division, Urban Planning Division, Social Research Division, Marketing, Advertising and Branding Research Division, Information Technology and Solutions Division, “Green Building” Division, Pharmaceutical and Medical Research Department, Qualitative Research Department, and the Research Logistics Unit for all methodologies of collection and survey.
The company conducts conventional research for sampling public opinion in various fields, measuring customer experience and satisfaction, collecting business information and phantom customer tracking. It also conducts economic research for market potential assessments and feasibility studies, pharmaceutical research, “green” consulting and building, strategic and marketing consulting, and provides customers with a range of information-intensive solutions using advanced and special research tools.

Geocartography is an international pioneer in strategic information for commercial, social, public and political bodies using geographical data systems; computerized models for urban, regional and country-wide research; and calculations for evaluating the economic-commercial potential of products, real-estate, services, and more. Today, the company continues to invest in research and development while incorporating the above services in all aspects of its applied research activities.

Business Challenge

Geocartography prides itself on providing consulting services and comprehensive customized solutions for its customers. To continue doing so, the company was looking for a way to offer more innovative information solutions that would enable their customers to have online access to their survey data, dynamic analytics capabilities and advanced visual presentation, among other capabilities.
“The fierce business competition that is typical of our era demands BI (Business Intelligence) solutions that work online and not after the fact,” explained Cartography Research Group Vice President of Management and Business Development Lyron Feldman. “Additional capabilities that we wanted to provide to the business users amongst our customers included more advanced visualization and web access capabilities to meet the needs of the present – anywhere, anytime and on any type of device. Furthermore, we looked for a solution that would allow us to distribute the relevant data via the standard desktop devices in the organizations.”


Geocartography needed to implement the designated research methodologies and dedicated models on a platform that supported online work, powerful visualization and strong development capabilities. It had strict criteria for choosing the platform, and after examining the tools on the market, Geocartography concluded that the platform that provided the broadest answer to their requirements was Panorama. Assaf Ela from TAO Technologies, acting as a business partner to Panorama, led the implementation of this solution.

“The complexity of the requirements led us to a long process of investigating the BI platforms available on the market,” Feldman said. “After we checked each product against the list of criteria we had defined, we came to the conclusion that the Panorama platform gave us the broadest answer to our needs in terms of visualization, development and customization capabilities, costs, level of flexibility, and willingness to make modifications according to our needs.”

Business Benefits

Adopting the Panorama platform puts Geocartography at the forefront of the world of BI solutions and enables the company to offer its customers an exceptional combination of unique research methodologies and generic tools that help leverage reporting and analytics capabilities.

One of the outstanding advantages of the Geocartography solution compared to other in-house BI solutions is its ability to combine external research results and external sources of information with the organization’s online data. It is all done via a rich web interface with impressive visualization.

“Developing a solution based on the robust capabilities of the Panorama platform allows us to provide our customers with extremely high analytical capabilities with impressive visualization and a simple interactive solution for end-users,” said Feldman. “Panorama’s powerful connectivity capabilities facilitate collaboration and deployment of interactive data in the world of Office products as well. As a result, the availability of data has increased and the circle of potential users has expanded.”

Feldman pointed out additional benefits of the Panorama platform: a sophisticated exception highlighting mechanism (Bubble-up exceptions), and an easy and friendly solution for implementation and maintenance. Feldman also commended Ela’s high level of professionalism when implementing the solution.

“The BI solution of Geocartography, developed on the Panorama platform, provides organizations the ability to improve business results much faster,” Feldman summarized. “Organizations that incorporated the solution enjoy knowledge deliverables at a much higher level than those they were used to. We see how the system’s online facilities enable the organizations working with us to improve their decision-making capabilities, to provide relevant information to a wider range of users, and to bring about performance improvement.”

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