Company: Israeli Police

Customer Size: 2,500 employees

Organization Profile

The Israel Police strives to enforce the law in the spirit of the basic values set forth in the Proclamation of Independence, with the aim of ensuring the security of both individuals and society as a whole and enhancing quality of life in the State of Israel.

Business Situation

Israel Police wanted a comprehensive solution to pinpoint problems specific to each station and to share data effectively across the entire organization.


Israel Police chose Panorama’s BI Solution Scorecards solution to compare trends, anticipate problems, and gain insight from information gathered in order to make better decisions.


  • Israel Police has been able to program approximately 110 Key Program Indicators into its CPM solution to measure performance across the organization.
  • Israel Police now have the ability to efficiently allocate resources to address trends across the various districts.

Software and Services:  Panorama’s BI Solution Scorecards

Vertical Industries:  Government Agencies

Country/Region: Israel

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