Company: Lavie TimeTECH

Company Overview

Founded in 1983, Lavie TimeTECH is one of the  world’s leading suppliers of Workforce Management Systems. With more than 8,200  installations worldwide, almost four million employees use Lavie TimeTECH  solutions to manage their time. Using Lavie TimeTECH’s advanced systems,  employers are able to standardize all manpower operations while significantly  increasing efficiency and responsiveness.

Business Challenge

Looking for more robust BI functionality to  improve user business value and demonstrable ROI, Lavie TimeTECH chose Panorama  for its VISTA (Visual Intelligence System for Time Analysis) solution. With  Panorama integrated into its solution, Lavie TimeTECH was able to show  prospects the immediate and tangible ROI associated with its workforce  management application. As a result, sales changed the focus of discussions  from technology to business value, highlighting time and costs savings as well  productivity improvements.

The Lavie TimeTECH workforce management  solution leverages data from multiple suite components including TimeKeeper and  TimeCosting. To help users apply that data to business decisions, Lavie  TimeTECH has always included reporting and analysis capabilities as part of its  solution.

In previous versions, users used Excel to  filter and view data from the application. However, the process was time  consuming, and there were significant limitations on what users could access  and analyze. For example, comparing the total hours worked on several specific  projects, getting additional information (properties) or aggregating a group of  items for comparison (i.e. Vacation, Sick leave and Other Absences), were  virtually impossible using Excel.

Lavie TimeTECH recognized a need to provide more  robust and powerful BI capabilities. “Our solution was providing a solid  baseline of functionality, but Excel definitely presented obstacles,” said  Arik Friedman, International Support Manager for Lavie TimeTECH. “Excel  has BI capabilities, but it’s not specifically designed for BI. We wanted  something intuitive and powerful, yet simple enough that everyone, from the  executive to the information worker, could use it and derive value from  it.”

Lavie TimeTECH initiated a discovery process  to uncover what types of functionality its customers were looking for.  Leveraging its dealer community, Lavie TimeTECH created a global wish list for  time management BI functionality. The company identified five key areas where  additional BI analysis capabilities were required: Absences, Overtime, Activity  Based Costing, Behavioral Analysis and Workforce Management.


Using Panorama’s BI Solution, Lavie TimeTECH  developed VISTA (Visual Intelligence System for Time Analysis). VISTA is a  comprehensive workforce analysis solution that helps companies to improve  workforce performance. It leverages untapped data in Lavie TimeTECH’s  TimeKeeper and TimeCosting suite to help managers analyze data, manage  workforces and monitor performance more effectively. With VISTA, managers can  access data from multiple systems including Time and Attendance, Activity Based  Costing, HRMS and Accruals. The versatility of Panorama enabled Lavie TimeTECH  to design a dashboard with preset BI views based on its customer “wish  list.”

Standard views include:

  • Year By Year Comparisons for  Absences, Overtime and Costing Data, identifying patterns and trends
  • Departmental comparisons  including totals and averages (headcount)
  • “Top 10” employees  vs. “Worst 10” employees(Overtime, Absences, Lateness)
  • “Total hours worked”  gauges designed to illustrate project related progress against pre-set targets
  • Comparisons between “most  profitable” and “least profitable” projects
  • Billable hours vs. non billable  hours
  • In manufacturing environments,  comparisons between “most efficient” and “least efficient”  employees (based on quantity per duration)
  • Additional views for  identifying irregularities and other exceptions

The solution also enables companies to define  their own views, without any reliance on Lavie TimeTECH or the local dealer. In  terms of analysis, users can establish filters to recognize discrepancies in  the information.


With VISTA, Lavie TimeTECH has enabled users  to do more in less time. With standardized views, dashboards, analysis and reporting  capabilities, companies can apply data more effectively to workforce  management, especially in terms of costing, planning and productivity.

Friedman also highlights efficiency and ease  of use as key value factors. “Users no longer have to spend precious time  finding data and generating reports or views, which was a big problem with  Excel. In addition, users don’t have to train to learn a new application. They  get to work on Internet Explorer (an application they use on a day-to-day  basis) displaying all the data they need from Timekeeper.”

Since integrating Panorama BI Solution, it’s  become much easier to demonstrate the ROI of the solution. That in turn has  altered the way Lavie TimeTECH sells its solution. Each sales call begins with  a VISTA demo. Right from the overview dashboard, customers realize how much  time they can save, how much more information they can access and how they can  impact performance by making informed decisions.

“We’ve had excellent feedback from  customers about VISTA’s new BI capabilities. Most of them were running the BI  module with Excel, and it was challenging to make fast decisions because of the  time required to find and filter information. With Panorama, it’s much easier  because the information literally finds the users – everything they need is  right there waiting for action when they open the application,” said  Friedman

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