Company: Mobiltel

Company Overview

With 3.3 million customers Bulgarian Mobiltel  is the biggest telecommunications network in Bulgaria and one of the most  successful mobile operators in Europe. The penetration rate for mobile  communications in Bulgaria is 62.4 percent and rising, where Mobiltel’s  installed base is more than 60 percent and the revenues in 2004 were €486.3  million.

Business Challenge

The company decided to implement a data  warehouse and business intelligence (BI) project based on Microsoft® SQL  Server™ 2000 to more efficiently analyze traffic and revenue data. Prior to  this, the company’s IT division had to generate each report requested by users  by pulling data from various systems. As a result, there were often conflicts  in the data, as different systems accounted for some data in slightly different  ways. Mobiltel wanted a system that would unify the data and allow business  analysts to prepare their own reports.

Mobiltel needed to implement a data warehouse  and business intelligence (BI) project to more efficiently analyze traffic and  revenue data. The company also needed to produce reports that could be used to  make key marketing, sales, and business strategy decisions. Prior to the  implementation of the BI project, the company’s IT division had to generate  each report requested by users in marketing, finance, sales, and other  divisions by pulling data from various systems. As the information was coming  from different systems, there were often conflicts in the data, as different  systems accounted for some data in slightly different ways.

Mobiltel wanted a system that would unify the  data and would allow business analysts to prepare their own reports. The data  is crucial to the company and is mainly used to support marketing and business  initiatives such as loyalty and retention programs.

“We decided to use    Microsoft technology for the data warehouse because with the SQL Server, we    receive three systems in one: Data Transformation Services, warehouse    management, and OLAP server.”Victor Vidolov, Head of Business Intelligence    and Software Development Department, Mobiltel


Mobiltel was already using Microsoft® SQL  Server™ 2000, part of Microsoft Windows Server System™ integrated server  software, for about four years and was very happy with the product. But the  company wanted to add an online analytical processing (OLAP) tool and a more  user-friendly graphical interface. The decision to proceed with Microsoft was  made by the company’s IT division, the chief information officer (CIO), and the  executive director. Also involved in the decision was Victor Vidolov, Head of  Business Intelligence and SoftwareDevelopment Department, who served as project  manager.

Mobiltel was especially drawn to the  Microsoft solution because the OLAP tool is included with SQL Server 2000.  “We decided to use Microsoft technology for the data warehouse because  with the SQL Server, we receive three systems in one: Data Transformation  Services [DTS], warehouse management, andOLAP server,” Vidolov says.

Price was also an issue. Because the  company’s billing system is running on Oracle software, Mobiltel could have  gone with an Oracle data warehouse solution, but decided against that option.

“We receive full functionality in the Microsoft    SQL Server, and it is a far less expensive solution than Oracle’s. Since we    already were using Microsoft [SQL Server 2000], it made easier the transition    to Microsoft OLAP. We believe here that Microsoft Analysis Services is the    best OLAP server.”Victor Vidolov, Head of Business    Intelligence and Software Development Department, Mobiltel

OLAP technology enables data warehouses to be  used effectively for online analysis, providing rapid responses to iterative  complex analytical queries. OLAP’s multidimensional data model and data  aggregation techniques organize and summarize large amounts of data so it can  be evaluated quickly using online analysis and graphical tools. The answer to a  query into historical data often leads to subsequent queries as the analyst  searches for answers or explores possibilities. OLAP systems provide the speed  and flexibility to support the analyst in real time.

Vidolov spoke to a number of vendors who  could provide graphical interfaces, including ProClarity and Microsoft Gold  Certified Partner Panorama Software. Ultimately Mobiltel chose Panorama’s BI Solution to run on top of SQL Server 2000 due to the level of support provided  by Panorama and the added functionality of Panorama’s BI Solution.

Panorama’s BI Solution  provide  telecommunication companies the ability to share information across the entire  enterprise. Panorama’s flexible solution improves data management flows and  reduces inefficiencies of redundant data.

By providing the flexible platform, other  software and customized applications can be easily integrated. Panorama’s  BI solutions enable a deeper business understanding for fast-informed  high-quality decision making. The implementation of Panorama’s BI Solution went  smoothly and without problems. Panorama trained key users onsite in just a few  hours and these key users were then able to train others.


Enterprise-wide  Access to Data

There are now no delays in the processing of  the reports as the analysts have instant access.

Self-serve  Access to Data

The new system has given business analysts  the ability to create their own data reports and perform live data analysis.  Easy access and analysis of live data are critical business tools and the  analysts now feel more in control of their own data. It saves them the step of  explaining to IT what they need and waiting for IT to generate the report and  it reduces the time-to-market.

Increased  Competitive Advantage

The new tools also cut substantially the  amount of man-hours required from the IT division in the generation of reports.  It enabled marketing initiatives that otherwise could be very slow in  implementation and therefore not acceptable for achieving competitive  advantage.

Low  Total Cost of Ownership

SQL Server 2000 includes Analysis Services  for OLAP, DTS, data staging services, and data warehouse management. These  capabilities are included out-of-the-box. Mobiltel says the cost of SQL Server  2000 was far lower than the competing product from Oracle.

Support  of Business Initiatives

The new system enables and supports major  marketing and business initiatives such as customer segmentation and profiling,  tariff analysis, customer retention, and campaign  management.

Microsoft  Windows Server System

Microsoft Windows Server System is a  comprehensive, integrated, and interoperable server infrastructure that helps  reduce the complexity and costs of building, deploying, connecting, and  operating agile business solutions. Windows Server System helps customers  create new value for their business through the strategic use of their IT  assets. With the Microsoft Windows Server® operating system as its foundation,  Windows Server System delivers dependable infrastructure for data management  and analysis, enterprise integration, customer, partner, and employee portals,  business process automation, communications and collaboration, and core IT  operations including security, deployment, and systems management.

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