Company: ProMedico

Company Overview

Promedico is a leading provider of logistics and distribution for supply chain of companies in the health industry. The Company services more than 3,000 customers, including: private pharmacies, pharmaceutical chains, public health services clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, all of the food chains, comfort stores and private retail outlets. Headquartered in Hefer Valley, Israel, Promedico distributes more than 30,000 inventory packages each month.The company has a data systems division with extensive knowledge in utilization of computer systems and considerable relations with service providers in its industry. Among other roles, this division is responsible for collection of data from various sources. The processing of data is done in the Internet BI portal on Panorama Software’s advanced platform, which enables production of a wide range of reports according to the requirements and periods of the clients.

Business Challenge

Because of the extremely large amounts of data at Promedico, the company had been historically using a disparate set of reporting tools and BI systems that had to be bridged together to provide a way to build and distribute reports  for managers in a timely way. The company was looking for a way to streamline the process and simplify the way they use BI as well as extend the reach of BI to more users through better self service capabilities. For that, Promedico decided to build what they called a “single-window solution” through which all the data and insights would become available to end users and executives enabling them to understand it, analyze it and transform it into actionable insights.


Panorama Panorama’s BI Solution is incredibly intuitive compared to other tools in the market. Promedico found it to be the easiest, most flexible and customizable BI suite in the market. Ultimately, Panorama Panorama’s BI Solution offered advanced graphical capabilities for the decision makers; a tool that is user friendly but also extremely powerful. Panorama Panorama’s BI Solution acts as a single-window solution that receives information from a number of systems and turns it into a common language for all users. Panorama Panorama’s BI Solution has become our core business system we use to make all our important decisions, which ultimately saves us time and money.


If we had to mention an area where Panorama’s BI Solution could be improved, it would be to better enable users to reach their destination through fewer clicks of the mouse.  We have found that sometimes the guided analytics process walks the user through 2 or 3 steps prior to getting to the ‘bottom line’. While those steps are necessary for some scenarios, we find that they are unnecessary in others.  However, this pales in comparison the robust capabilities of how functional the solution is when looking at the bigger picture.

Selection Criteria

Promedico evaluated several other companies, including ProClarity, Cognos and QlickView, but chose Panorama since it provided us with the best solutions for the parameters we were looking for. Among other parameters, we were looking at user interface index (printing, exporting to excel, graph presentation, access to invoice information etc.), developer interface (ease of operation, the speed of implementation, internal implementation), the BI portal  / dashboard that each system offers (the ease of building reports, user training), the characteristics of each company providing the solution (the number of customers  their level of satisfaction from Panorama, service and support availability) and eventually the cost.


Panorama’s BI Solution has been instrumental in helping us to streamline the delivery of reports and critical business insights across the enterprise. In one case we have been able to better identify market trends by checking different sources of information, which enables us to purchase inventory more correctly based on relevant and timely sales data.

Vendor Support

Initially, we implemented a 120-day trial of Panorama’s BI Solution, and we were so impressed we decided to fully integrate the solution to be able to customize the solution to benefit different department needs.  Panorama trained management and employees through several online groups with tutorials and training tailored to those user groups.  From that point, Panorama coordinated personal meetings with the report users in order to write a presentation book for each user, which is the first thing a user sees when entering the system.  Panorama ensured we were comfortable and confident on the system so in turn we could support our customers.

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