Company: Janssen-Cilag

Company Overview

Part of Johnson & Johnson group of companies, Janssen-Cilag develops and markets innovative, high quality pharmaceutical products and services aimed at improving quality of life for people with medical needs everywhere .

Established in Brazil in 1937, Janssen-Cilag Brazil has a factory located in São José dos Campos, within the state of São Paulo. The corporate mission is to place people at the heart of everything they do, and this is achieved through customer focus, personal and organizational leadership and process excellence.

Business Challenges

Janssen-Cilag Brazil already had several Microsoft Analysis Services cubes using Office Web Components as the analysis interface. However, they were experiencing a delay problem. Information was not easily available, nor did it flow with the speed and precision that was required. The availability of the data using Office Web Components presented performance problems, maintenance deficiency and lacked several important functionalities.

What Janssen-Cilag really needed was a specialized interface that could optimize the delivery of its Business Intelligence data. They lacked a BI front-end tool compatible with their technological structure, or in other words, that was based on the Microsoft platform. The solution would have to allow and permit the development of public and private visions, together with the creation of formulas and exceptions, reading the already existing Analysis Services cubes, in a Web environment.


The Panorama BI Suite. This was the solution found by Janssen-Cilag in the market that had a complete adherence with what they demanded. Arbit, the exclusive distributor of Panorama in Brazil and for having a qualified team with the expertise in SQL Server, was contracted to implement the BI tool. The project was completed in 30 days. Presently the Panorama BI solution is being accessed by more than 100 users.

Results and Benefits:

• Better quality, availability and precision of information Users are now independent of company’s IT team to build customized analysis

• Extensive use of BI information based on KPI’s and Dashboards, reaching top level executives

• BI tool able to wrap up the data, providing comprehensive and robust analytic functions that enables users to identifyand take the correct decisions based on proactive intelligence

• Improvement on client relationship (CRM)

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