Panorama Necto Customer Testimonials


“Panorama Necto is extremely easy to use and with the self service features our users can create their own private views, reports and dashboards and share the information with their teams.”

Necto has enabled us to expose relevant BI data to our major suppliers where they can analyze the data that is relevant to them. The system is extremely intuitive and most of the users go way beyond reading reports – they easily deploy a wide range of features; creating their own reports, views and dashboards

Negev Keramika:

“Panorama Necto allows us to connect to data sources, analyze the data, share it with others and collaborate on it.  This improved the organization’s ability to meet its goals and exceed its results.”

Our team has been extremely pleased with Panorama Necto – the ease with which you can build and add new views and dashboards and the ease with which you can get a new user up to speed on how to use the system.  It’s extremely easy to navigate and allows our users to build their own views and dashboards, without assistance from IT.

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