Panorama Necto improving the Insurance Industry

“Without Necto, we would have all kinds of different reports floating around. Various departments want to know what’s in their workflow. Necto provides that. We cannot work without Necto.” – Luuk Roeling, Management Information Specialist, Bovemij

Bovemij Case Study

Founded in1995, Bovemij Financiële Diensten is one of the Netherlands’ largest insurance providers and part of the Bovemij Insurance Group (which was founded in 1962). Bovemij provides car, homeowner’s and other types of insurance packages to Dutch and German consumers and enterprises though agents and thousands of car dealerships. Selling through 70% of the dealerships in the Netherlands makes Bovemij the market’s largest insurance provider in the dealership channel.

As the automobile market changes in Europe, Bovemij shifted resources to indirect sales. Although not known as the lowest cost insurance provider, the company is proud of its consistently high marks for customer service that includes a promise to customers that 90% of all service calls will be answered within 90 seconds. Their tailored insurance packages are derived from a wide spectrum of products and options. The diversity in the Bovemij offering plus the need to balance online-driven price consciousness with profitability demands a robust and flexible business intelligence solution.

Bovemij Financiële Diesnten has been a Panorama customer since 2002, implementing Panorama Necto late in 2012. With 120 employees, Bovemij Financiële Diensten has around 40 Necto users from IT to company management. Considering the large number of call center employees in the enterprise, this is an especially high ratio of Necto users. That is a testament to the utility and popularity of Necto in the company’s decision-making process. Users include members of sales, service, claims, operations and marketing teams and, of course, upper management and members of the board of directors.

According to Bovemij, the most critical benefit of Necto is the way that information is integrated and presented in real time and in reports. In the insurance industry, there is a large number of reports generated about customers, outstanding claims, exceptional circumstances and other factors that influence the daily workflow. The consistent and easily accessible presentation of all this information has made Panorama Necto indispensable to some of the most customer and revenue focused business units in the company.

All this information comes from a diverse range of sources and systems. Necto easily integrates all the sources of information both dynamically and on the fly. These are capabilities that Bovemij did not have before Necto.

The Bovemij IT and financial data stakeholders benefit most from Panorama Necto in the following ways:

• Usability – Business information is presented in easy to understand, insightful formats, including infographics, with clear and organized controls.
• Incremental software updates – Panorama listens to understand the changing needs of its customers and frequently adds and improves Necto features to suit those needs.
• One-click insights – Quickly pinpoint trends and challenges from within huge volumes of data from diverse sources.
• Reduced workload – Necto makes BI tasks simpler for both the IT department and the end users, reducing their workload and speeding up the decision making process.
• Collaborative BI discussions – Necto recommends the best people in the organization to consult with about insights discovered by the system and provides notifications and discussion tools to facilitate inline conversations that are logically connected to the data. Rather than leaving the system to communicate, Necto helps users keep focused on BI tasks while collaborating with other experts.
• Superior Customer Support – Intense dedication to customers makes Panorama support friendly, efficient and fast.

“I really like working with the Panorama support team,” said Roeling. “I work with a lot of vendors. One of the plusses for Panorama is the speed with which they respond to issues. They’re not just friendly. They are a reliable partner. They don’t go home at 5 and they don’t hang up until I have the right solution. That is unique from my perspective.”

Bovemij has been using Panorama Necto since late in 2012. “When I started at Bovemij three years ago, Panorama Necto had just been implemented,” explains Roeling. “As my predecessor was leaving, she told me ”You’re lucky you get to use Necto. With the other system, my job was so much harder.”

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