VJ SALOMONE Benefiting from Panorama Necto business Intelligence

“Necto provided VJ Salomone a user-friendly base from which reports could be generated, data analyzed and exceptions monitored. Our users having identified key advantages of using Necto, are benefitting from ease of use, performance and stability and its facility to help them manage by exception. In using Necto, users have benefited from viewing their data from different perspectives and renewed insight” – Edward Sant Fournier, Senior Business Analyst at VJ Salomone Ltd

VJ Salomone is a holding company that incorporates several organizations including VJ Salomone Consumer Lines, VJ Salomone Marketing and VJ Salomone Pharma. The Group core operation is importation and distribution and retail.  The breadth of these businesses range from Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Healthcare, and Cosmetics & Fragrances.

The implementation of Necto into VJ Salomone, saw users from sales, marketing and management, analyzing a wide variety of information such as sales, budgets, costing and sales processes relating to the brand & channel management.

The BI solution provided VJ Salomone with a framework, which consisted of a data warehouse and Panorama Necto as the analytical tool. This framework ensures that from whichever perspective data was analyzed, their executives will always see one version of the truth. Necto also enables users to design and extract the information they required, hence the concept of self-service

Furthermore they now have a tool that can manage the ever increasingly volume of information originating from a wide variety of internal and external sources, that contain data which can now be integrated and analyzed.

Necto provided VJ Salomone a user-friendly base from which reports could be generated, data analyzed and exceptions monitored. Necto’s functionality provides additional tools to manage the relationships with the principals, sales-reps, customers and the customers of their own customers. Today BI is a key tool to enable executives to take decisions and manage the completive landscape and dynamic market conditions.

Necto has also enabled VJ Salomone in safeguarding the critical aspects that any business in the distribution sector monitors including customer growth, profitability, brand management, actuals vs targets and top selling products.

VJ Salomone has made qualitative leap in the reporting and analytical tools that are now available with Panorama Necto. The time taken to collect information to take informed decisions has been considerably reduced; once this information is extracted, it can analyzed and drilled further, without having to issue additional reports.

The success of the BI implementation roll-out was due to several factors –

  • Users identified key advantages of using the BI solution as, Ease of use, performance and stability and its fast implementation. Users benefited from the optimizing analysis process.  Users were able to explore data in a self-service environment by creating their own reports and work boards.
  • The organization had an increase in the number of users who were exposed to information that was relevant to their work.
  • Improved communication between all different user levels, cross-hierarchy and a better decision making process, a shortening of the decision making process.
  • There was a faster end users data analysis, improved proficiency of BI users and a faster implementation of BI tasks.
  • VJ Salomone experienced more power for users, with the heavy users being able to generate more deliveries using a wider variety of features and functions.

VJ Salomone indicated that within a short time of using Necto they had:

  1. more insight into the business performance,
  2. witnessed time saved,
  3. a more accurate transfer and sharing of information through the organization
  4. Been able to ensure that information reached all relevant people.

For the V.J. Salomone ICT Department the introduction of Necto meant offloading the dependence of users needing our support each time they need a new report or do some form of analysis giving the ICT Department more time to focus on other projects.  It is like giving our users a ‘self-service’ data mining and report generation opportunity.’ – Norbert Falzon, ICT Manager at VJ Salomone Ltd

‘For VJ Salomone Marketing, Panorama Necto has allowed us to consolidate all our reporting requirements into one platform. In the process, we have also managed to have a more comprehensive outlook on the business which has enabled us to make timely and informed decisions to drive the business forward in an effective manner’ – Gordon Grima Baldacchino, Sales Manager at VJ Salomone Marketing Ltd

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